Hotel Operating Hours

82-89 Scott St, Newcastle 2300


General enquiries:

Ph: (02) 4077 3910

Function enquiries:

Email: cfranks@ahhotel.com.au

Resume & work enquiries:

Email: morr@gnhotel.com.au

“The reopening of The Great Northern Hotel is enabling the wishes of the local and broader community.  The Great Northern Hotel “The People’s Pub” will attempt to continue to minimise any negative disturbance to the local residents living in close proximity to The Great Northern Hotel, and as our house moto states we are “The People’s Pub”, we are here for the people and we will strive to foster ongoing relationships with all of the neighbours to achieve a positive outcome."

Any issues please give us a call on our manager hotline (Home page)

Mon - Tues - Thurs

10 am till 11pm

Wed - Fri - Sat

10 am till Late


10 am till Midnight

Kitchen Operating Hours

Mon - Tues - Wed - Thurs

12 pm till 2:30 pm, 5 pm till 9pm


12pm till 2:30 pm, 5 pm till 9:30 pm



12 pm till 9:30 pm


12 pm till 9 pm